Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Today was a fun day! At first I was going to go to Disney World, but I was very tired. So, I didn't go. What to do now? I know. Let's take Jack out into the backyard and have some fun!

First things first, you know. Get the potties done. Well, you will never guess what distracted Jack from the potties. Let me describe what happened next.

I placed the long line on Jack and let him go do his thing. He ran to the back fence and just stood completely still. He was staring at something and would not respond to my questions, "What is it, Jack?" "What do you see, Jack?" No response. Jack looked as still as a statue. Not so much as a tremor in his tail. Nothing. Hmmm....

What could be there that would hold his concentration so well? Was it another dog? No. Was it a bone in the neighbor's back yard? No. Was it a cat? No. Snake? No. Another person? Nope. What was it? I was very curious to see for myself what it was. I started walking towards Jack and then he began barking like he never, ever barked before! He had an excited, out of his mind bark!

Once I got to the place where I could see, I started laughing so hard! Jack had seen his first turtle! This turtle was about ten inches in length and was in the neighbor's back yard along the fence line. Just across the fence and Jack was going nuts!

So much for any training happening in the backyard today! Now, if I could have been able to pick that turtle up and place it on our side of the fence... Hmmm... That would have been something to watch. How would Jack have handled it? I am sure he would have gotten tired of not being able to get the turtle.

Oh well. Maybe next time. Until then...

Walking in Obedience

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